abtipper.de is the market leader for the transcription of audio & video files. Our advantages:

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Download the collected knowledge about transcription & Co as a free eBook!

abtipper.de is the German market leader for the transcription of audio and video files.

We have written down the knowledge we have gathered over the last few years in a book:

"Recording, typing, analyzing - a
Guide to conducting an interview & transcription"

On over 120 pages you can find out everything about:

The printed book is available in well-stocked bookshops or from Amazon for 12.99 euros. We donate all the proceeds generated to a good cause. In recent weeks, for example, we have supported Save the Children e.V. and the Initiative for Inclusion through Sport.

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Selected content from the eBook

Definition und Anwendungsfelder der Transkription

Planning and conducting interviews

Transcribing interviews

Evaluate and use interviews

Support with transcription

Further questions and answers

✅ What is a transcription?

A transcription is the transcription of an audio or video file as text. In biology and musicology, there are additional meanings of the word and another Definition of transcription. abtipper.de has published a 120-page free eBook with all information about transcription & Co. which you can download for free on this page.

✅ Why do you need a transcription?

A transcription is always required when you want to further analyze the content of an audio or video recording and need it as text. Fields of application of a transcription are, for example, content analysis in science, market research, film, television and journalism.

✅ How do you create a transcription?

A transcription is created by listening to the audio or video file and typing it out. For scientific transcriptions, certain transcription rules regarding the structure and format of the text. You can create a transcription yourself or use a specialized professional provider such as abtipper.de specialized in this.

✅ Who can help me with a transcription?

Creating a good transcription is very time-consuming. If you create your own transcription, tools such as a dictation machinea recording cell phone app or a transcription set (e.g. a foot pedal for rewinding and fast-forwarding) make the work much easier. For remote interviews over the phone or internet, there are a number of tips to consider when recording record Skype or record Zoom would like to record. Otherwise, there are also professional providers specializing in transcription, such as abtipper.de, the German market leader for transcribing interviews.