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Transcription of interviews is the German market leader for transcription of audio and video files.

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"Recording, Typing, Analyzing.
Guide to Conducting Interview & Transcription".

In over 120 pages, you can learn everything about:

Checklists for planning and Recording interviewTranscription and analysis
Transcription systems simply explained, with scientifically citable transcription rules
Everything on aids such as mobile phone apps, transcription sets and speech recognition software
Conducting interviews despite the Corona crisis - the best tips
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The printed book is available in well-stocked bookshops or from Amazon for 12.99 euros. We donate all the income generated from the book to a good cause. In recent weeks, we have supported Save the Children e.V. and the Initiative for Inclusion through Sport.

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Selected contents from the eBook


Definition and fields of application of transcription

What is the Definition of transcription?

What is meant by Transcribe?

What are the usual Fields of application of a transcription (in science, market research, film production, media, journalism and for speeches, meetings, lectures and biographies)?

What is a Audio description, to what extent is this barrier-free?


Plan and conduct interviews

How should one Plan interview and a Prepare interview?

I would like to conduct interviews and have them transcribed. What is important in the design of a Interview guide to note?

What is the Best dictation machine or the best Mobile phone app for recording of face-to-face interviews?

What are the best tools, tips & tricks for Remote interviews by phone, Skype or Zoom and record them successfully?

How does the preparation of the transcription work with regard to File format, editing and audio quality optimisation?


Transcribe interviews

Which Transcription rules and specifications for Structure and format are there and what does a finished Transcript off?

How can a Playback programme, a Transcription programme or a Transcription set assist with the transcription?

How to Subtitle as Create srt file (with video tutorial)?

To what extent is a automated speech recognition already possible today?

What are the requirements and conditions for the transcription of Group discussions and recordings with multiple speakers?

How does the translation of Swiss German into the written language of High German?

What are the options for Language to text to convert?

How can I get my M4A file in text convert?

How can I get my MP3 file in text convert?

How can I get my MP4 file in text convert?

What is meant by a Audio transcription?

What are barrier free subtitles?

Evaluate and use interviews

Which procedures and programmes for the Interview evaluation are there?

How must the Thesis Appendix be designed with source lists and transcripts?

What tips & tricks are there for the Printing and binding of the thesis?


Support with transcription

What is the difference between a Typing pool, Writing service, Transcription service and a Transcription Office?

For my thesis, is the Transcription of my interviews by a service provider allowed?

What are the concrete Services & Prices from



Further questions and answers

✅ What is a transcription?

A transcription is the writing down of an audio or video file as text.

In biology and musicology, there are additional meanings of the word and a further Definition of transcription. has published a 120-page free eBook with all the information on transcription & co. which you can download for free on this page.

✅ Why do you need a transcription?

A Transcription is always needed when you want to further analyse the content of an audio or video recording and need it as a text for this purpose. Fields of application of a transcription are e.g. content analysis in science, market research, film, television & journalism.

✅ How do you create a transcription?

A Transcription is created by listening to the audio or video file and typing it out.

In the case of scientific transcriptions, certain rules regarding the Transcription rules structure and format of the text must be adhered to. A transcription can be made by the user or by a professional service provider such as can be commissioned.

✅ Who can support me with a transcription?

The creation of a good transcription is very time-consuming. If you do it yourself, you will need to speed up the process with tools such as a Dictaphone, a Recording mobile phone app or a Transcription set (e.g. a foot pedal for fast-forwarding and rewinding) speed up the work enormously. At Remote interviews over the phone or internet, there are a number of tips to consider when making Skype recording or Record Zoom would like to.

Otherwise, there are also professional providers specialising in transcription, such as, the German market leader for transcribing interviews.

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