Recording and transcription of group discussions

We transcribe group discussions, focus groups and all recordings with several speakers for you at no extra charge.

This is independent of the number of speakers and includes a speaker assignment.

Especially in group discussions, however, there are a number of prerequisites on which the quality of such a transcript strongly depends.

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Important: Recording quality

When recording with many speakers, you should make sure that all speakers are picked up equally well by the microphones. Otherwise there is a risk that individual speakers will be loud and clear, while others will be quiet and barely intelligible.

While a standard smartphone is completely sufficient as a recording source for individual interviews these days, you should make sure you have professional equipment for group discussions. Before you start, you should make a test recording and check whether the speakers are still easy to understand from each position on the recording, even with quieter parts of the speech.

Two tips for good speaker assignment

A speaker assignment is important for many evaluation purposes. If you observe some of the following tips, this can be easily represented in the transcript even with many speakers.

It is important to know that sometimes a simple audio recording is not sufficient for a correct speaker assignment, even with 3-4 speakers. Voices simply sound too similar and can often no longer be clearly distinguished from one another by outsiders. Of course, our employees always try to make the best possible assignment. However, there are strict technical limits to this without additional aids. If only an audio recording is available, it is often only possible to identify a large number of speakers at certain points.

However, there are two simple tricks that can be used to ensure that the speaker assignment is as complete as possible:

Video recording: You can immediately see who is speaking on a video. It is therefore easy to identify the speaker even if there are many people. It is only important that all speakers are clearly recognizable on the video and that no person is obscured, for example. You should also check whether the microphone of the video recording device is sufficient to pick up all the speakers.

Speaker log: If a video recording is not possible, a speaker log is a good option. In this simple list, a participant records an abbreviation of the person who is currently speaking for each minute of the conversation. This is then used during the transcription as an aid for speaker assignment.

Elsewhere, it is sometimes recommended to ensure that speakers are assigned by having each person say their name before speaking. However, experience has shown that this is only kept up for a few minutes at most and is therefore not recommended.

If you follow these tips, abtipper.de will provide you with excellent transcripts of group discussions, focus groups and all recordings with multiple speakers at no extra charge!

Further questions and answers

How can group discussions be successfully recorded?
For a good recording of group discussions group discussions requires professional equipment. For example, several microphones should be used.

However, if you want to interview where only two people are present, then a standard smartphone is sufficient for the recording.

Is it possible to assign speakers in a focus group?
A transcription with speaker assignment in a focus group focus group is possible if you observe one of the following two tips:
- Video recording: A video recording can be used to visually determine who is speaking. This is usually not possible with an audio recording alone.
- Speaker protocol : In a speaker log, it is noted during the recording who is speaking and when. This makes it easier to identify who is speaking when transcribing simple.

How much does the transcription of group discussions and focus groups cost?
Depending on the provider, the transcription of a recording with several speakers sometimes costs extra.

With other providers such as abtipper.de there is no extra charge for transcription, which costs from 0.99 euros per audio minute.

abtipper.de is the market leader for the transcription of audio & video files. Our advantages:

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