Duration of the transcription with abtipper

As the largest German provider of transcriptions, we currently have the capacity to manually transcribe several thousand audio or video minutes per day.

We therefore currently have sufficient free capacity for your project. If you provide us with large volumes of files, you will receive the transcripts back within approximately one week in almost all cases. 

If you are in a hurry and require a quicker return delivery, we recommend our express options. However, even without the express option and guaranteed return date, we are known for our regular transcription services and for returning transcripts quickly. This often happens within a few days, usually within a week.

Sometimes a good transcription result can take a little more time. This is especially the case if your file is particularly challenging (e.g. strong dialects) or if there are holidays coming up (e.g. Christmas time). Translations can also take a little longer, especially for more complicated language combinations (e.g. Arabic -> German). Even then, however, you can ensure a guaranteed return delivery date with the express options mentioned above.

However, we currently have sufficient capacity to process even very large and complex orders very quickly. If you are in a hurry, we guarantee to deliver the finished transcript to you as an express service within three days or even within one day.

For the 3-day express service we charge a surcharge of EUR 0.65 per audio minute net (= EUR 0.77 incl. VAT)

For the 1-day express service we charge a surcharge of EUR 1.40 per audio minute net (= EUR 1.67 incl. VAT)

If you need it even faster (e.g. on the same day), this is normally also possible. However, you should contact us in advance by telephone on 0511-51515817. Our telephone is also manned in the evenings and at weekends.

The calculation applies from receipt of the data. So if you submit a file on Monday with 3-day express, you are guaranteed to receive it back on Thursday at the latest.

For express options, the calendar day always applies. So if you submit an order today, you are guaranteed to receive it back by the next calendar day. We do not guarantee any specific times. The return delivery can therefore also take place late in the evening on the day in question or, in exceptional cases, not until the night of the following day. If the return delivery date falls on the weekend or a public holiday, you will receive the transcript back on the next working day. For example, if you deliver a file on Thursday with 3-day express, you are guaranteed to receive this file back on Monday.

To order with express service, please click on "Express service" under additional options on the order form!

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