Accessible definition

Accessible means that a building, public space, digital application, or product is designed to be accessible and usable by people with different abilities and needs.

Accessible definition


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Barrier-free definition general

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In general, accessibility means that access to something (e.g. a building, a means of transport or also to certain content on television, on Internet pages, etc.) must be without obstacles and restrictions is possible for everyone. A barrier can be, for example, a political or legal obstacle (e.g. a customs barrier).

The adjective barrier-free can also refer to buildings, means of transport or other facilities. In this context, barrier-free means that the aforementioned facilities have no obstacles and are therefore accessible and/or usable by all people equallyaccessible and/or usable by all people equally, including people with disabilities. An example of accessibility is the facilitated entry into a means of transport, whereby no steps have to be overcome. Access is made barrier-free, for example, by means of a ramp or doors at ground level.

Another large and important area that can be made accessible is media, such as content on television or on websites in general, or specific content such as Videos (instructional videos, music videos, podcasts, etc.).

Accessibility also plays an increasingly important role in the media

Accessibility definition in the area of media

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In the area of digital and analog media, what can be grasped without restriction by people with disabilities is considered accessible. This can be, for example, a video on the Internet or a series or film on television that is accessible to people with impaired hearing through subtitles or sign language or a digital text that can be read aloud to people with visual impairments, as is the case for e-mails, Word documents, and websites.

For the read aloud function many devices (including laptops and cell phones) can be used, and Internet pages can also be read aloud with Google. Outside of digital media (e.g., print media), Braille or Braille to make content barrier-free, readable for people with impaired vision.

Accessible definition for videos

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One way to make videos accessible is by creation of subtitles for people with impaired hearing. Accessible videos of this type can already be found in many areas. Public broadcasters (ARD, ZDF, etc.) offer subtitled versions for news as well as for movies and series. In other areas, such as at universities, barrier-free access to teaching material is access to teaching material is even even mandatory. Teaching videos (e.g. of lectures) must therefore be subtitled in order to ensure accessibility. This is anchored in the Ordinance on the Creation of Barrier-Free Information Technology in Accordance with the Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Act (Barrierefreie-Informationstechnik-Verordnung BITV 2.0).

For people with impaired vision, there are also videos in which visual elements are presented in writing. This commentary or audio description of the image is called Audio description (abbreviated AD).

Accessible definition for subtitles

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There are a few things to consider when it comes to accessible videos. To achieve accessibility, subtitles must be created. Accessible subtitles differ from regular subtitles in that accessible subtitles do not only show the spoken text, but also take into account other information such as the manner, i.e. how something is spoken (friendly, hesitant, angry, shouted, etc.). This allows moods of the speakers and the atmosphere of the video to be conveyed, which can otherwise only be perceived auditorily.

Accessible definition at abtipper

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We at abtipper attach great importance to an accessible design of our subtitles. That's why, in addition to the creation of open subtitles, we also offer the option of creating so-called closed subtitles (also called closed captionsCC for short).

Do you have any questions or would you like to start a project in the area of accessible subtitles or would like to place an order directly, please contact us by e-mail at, via phone: 0511-51515817 or via our contact form and describe your project to us. You will then receive a quote from us within a few hours.

Further questions and answers

✅ What is a barrier?

A barrier can be defined differently depending on the field of application. Basically, a barrier is an obstacle that impedes or prevents unrestricted access or even access to something.

✅What is accessibility?

The word accessibility describes the absence of obstacles. It means that something is accessible for everyone.

✅What does barrier-free mean on the Internet?

On the Internet, accessibility means that content (e.g. texts, audio and video files) is equally available to all users. On the accessible Internet, texts are written in plain language and audio and video files are transcribed or subtitled.

✅How do you achieve accessibility on the Internet?

First, the content should be checked for accessibility. This can be done by a professional provider like abtipper. Where necessary, abtipper translates into plain language, transcribes audio and video files, and creates subtitles.

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