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FAQs about jobs at abtipper

I am a student. Is it possible to work at

Yes, a lot of students work for us and earn extra money that way.

This advertisement is for typists on a fee basis. You would therefore have to be registered as a small entrepreneur with the tax office, for example.

It is possible to take over regular orders from us immediately if you have registered with the tax office, e.g. as a small entrepreneur. You can also submit the other information for the remuneration, e.g. the tax number, to us a little later, as soon as you have everything. It is not possible to work without registering with the tax office.

What can I expect from the activities 'Proofreading', 'Creation of simple rules' and 'Creation of extended rules'?

Proofreading is the correction of an already existing transcript. They check whether the transcript corresponds to the audio file and whether the transcription and format specifications have been adhered to.

When creating transcripts, you transfer an audio file into a Word document yourself. This is done according to different detailed rules for the simple and the extended trans cription. You will find a detailed explanation of the differences in the sample exercises. On the following page you will also find more information on the rules to be applied and how to create a finished transcription. Transcription rules and how a finished Transcript should look like.

Are there also job offers in permanent positions?

We are currently also looking for interns for our head office in Hanover. If you are interested, please send us your internship application by email to

We are not currently looking for permanent staff or staff on a 450-euro basis. However, this may well change in the coming weeks. Just check this page regularly. We also publish our permanent job offers here.

How much can I earn as a typist on a fee basis?

Basically, the payment is per minute of transcribed audio or video file. So your hourly rate depends a lot on your own speed.

How many orders can I expect via abtipper?

This depends a lot on your skills profile, your reaction speed and your flexibility. However, we continue to grow very strongly. Usually, more orders are easily possible.

Which aids and tools are recommended?

To create the sample tasks, you only need a normal computer with standard programmes, nothing more. If you would like to create transcriptions for us on a permanent basis, then there are a number of tools such as Transcription programmes or transcription setswhich can significantly increase your speed and thus your remuneration.

I have more questions. Where can I get rid of them?

Please send us an email to or send us your message via our contact form. We will reply within a few days. Please note that our telephone hotline is switched exclusively for customer inquiries and can not provide information to applicants.

More information on home work transcription

Job transcription
The home office as a sensible alternative to classic workplaces is becoming more and more important and makes it possible as a self-employed person to take orders in a versatile way.
Diverse jobs that come with fair pay are now also feasible from home thanks to modern technical possibilities. Transcription is a highly sought-after task that nowadays offers a good job situation for people with focus and thoroughness at home. 
Universities, companies and students are thus in a position to have content created in printed text from audio sources of the most varied kinds and thus to use them not only for archiving, but also for research purposes, for journalistic tasks and film and television productions. This is done according to individual schedules and is usually priced at a sliding scale.

A transcription makes it possible to type out even difficult-to-understand contents of audio signals in a meaningful and reliable way by means of a correct perception. Thus, interviews, witness statements or other spoken contents are recorded in writing and can be further processed accordingly. For the transcriber, this activity is a good opportunity to get to know new contents and to link them to a meaningful task.

Due to the high volume of recordings, also in the form of video, there is a great need for this. At the advanced level, it is also a question of understanding foreign-language recordings precisely and translating them into another language or transcribing content with many special rules as reliably as possible.

Versatile topics for transcribing


Transcribing as a home-based activity is characterised in particular by versatility in the choice of topics. Thus, participants can benefit from bringing their own interests into the work or learning new things. Due to the frequency of the various assignments, working through high-volume data sets for digitisation and archiving is a good way to acquire new knowledge and broaden one's horizons.

Transcription can be done at one's own discretion and individual pace, but there is usually a set amount of time for the whole process. If time is freely allocated, the home office is a good opportunity, as the work can take place in a structured way according to individual needs and conditions. In this context, there are different gradations for different assignments according to which transcription can take place. Simple forms are quickly achieved with the help of artificial intelligence and usually require a manual follow-up check. Transcription consists primarily of checking the wording and then correcting any errors.

Since different levels are chosen for the transcription depending on the quality requirements of a client, variability is also easily achieved with regard to the level of difficulty. In this way, everyone can accept the jobs at their own discretion and work through different jobs of this kind in home work. Depending on the requirements, the remuneration is correspondingly higher, whereby both the client and the home worker realise the corresponding project in a binding manner by ordering and accepting an assignment. A good grasp, concentration and diligence are advantageous for these jobs. Gradually, one can become well acquainted with the subject matter thanks to the free allocation of time. From archiving to transcription in the field of market research, journalism or science at the linguistic research level, many areas of the transcription job are possible. Thus, a variety of topics and levels of difficulty are well suited to master the right job for every taste in pleasant transcription work.

Fair price-performance ratio and different qualifications

A transcription job is ideal for home-based work mainly because of the versatility in the implementation of tasks. On the one hand, transcribing audio to text is especially interesting for companies that need a translation or simply a transcript of closed captions. For example, interviews of doctors, researchers, lawyers or other specialties are recorded in writing through the transcription. This is important, for example, to design websites, to archive new knowledge or to enable market research and science. This even goes as far as translating a language in different accents as audio. Here it is worth looking for the versatility of the different jobs in order to be able to use such a job advertisement for oneself according to one's own qualifications.

Prices can vary depending on the duration of the work. It is practical here that modern platforms for transcriptions such as have fixed rates for the respective jobs in a certain period of time. This ensures a preview of the coming working days, which also allows the actual work to be scheduled flexibly from home. Through the conversion into a detailed text, the audio files as basic material become a real added value for the later users. This makes transcription an extremely important activity for providing a large number of clients with transcripts of significant audio sources. At the same time, a fair price-performance ratio is possible due to the individual arrangement of the order deadline. Especially for people who prefer a steady payment and a high volume of orders, home work as a transcription typist can serve as an ideal basis. - source of income that is safe and serious

Working from home is becoming more and more important, as the interconnectedness of the world offers many advantages and makes a number of tasks unproblematic to carry out in this way. Interested translators and writers can respond quickly to such a job advertisement and benefit in the long term, especially through large orders. An increased volume of orders in the industry makes jobs in this field worthwhile.

With a home transcription service, users can kill several birds with one stone. Due to their presence on the Internet, companies often need transcriptions of various kinds. This can be done in various languages and is thus also aimed at people who have an affinity for various dialects in the respective national language. The recordings are provided in different lengths and usually also determine the volume of writing. Working on a laptop or PC at home, the working time can be individually arranged. Many assignments can be planned in the long term and worked through in a targeted manner.

Larger orders also offer the advantage that a routine gradually develops, which makes the process easier. This shortens processing times while increasing the quality of the transcription. Thus, advancement is also possible sooner or later, which automatically leads to higher pay. It is worthwhile to use appropriate platforms and thus obtain a secure income through home-based work. Particularly when new employment relationships increasingly invoke the internet, it is extremely sensible to explore the various possibilities of working from home in good time. This includes, above all, transcribing audio recordings according to customers' wishes. Anyone who enjoys listening and is interested in languages and specialist knowledge is well advised to take on such a job. In addition, it is very easy to decide for yourself which assignments you would like to work on. This flexibility makes this job very attractive.

Finally, transcription as a home-based job is also perfect for people who like to travel. You always have your job and thus your source of income with you, whether you now want to do transcription in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, New York, Rio or Tokyo!

Further questions and answers

✅ What do you do when you choose transcription as a job?

If you Transcription as a job have chosen transcription as your job and work for a transcription service such as, then your task is to type out audio or video recordings according to fixed transcription rules.

This job requires a high level of concentration and perceptiveness as well as a large vocabulary and perfect spelling. One advantage of this activity is that you don't need anything else to get started except a computer and an internet connection.

If you are more serious about this activity, it is advisable to buy a computer and an internet connection. Transcription programme and a Transcription set.

✅ Can you work as a typist from home?

Transcribing is very suitable for a job in a home office, as the data exchange can take place via secure internet connections and there is no need to be present on site. Even the application for the Transcribing as a job is possible completely online.

The prerequisite for a home office job is the ability to comply with the applicable data protection regulations, e.g. preventing unauthorised access to your computer.

✅ What is the remuneration at

The pay for working at depends on the range of tasks you take on. The creation and translation of subtitles, for example, is better paid than a simple transcription. However, you know in advance what the remuneration will be for each job and can accept or decline it accordingly.

Detailed information on the Job as a typist and the exact remuneration you will receive as part of the trial assignments.

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