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To give you an even more detailed insight into abtipper.de projects as well, we publish here some more detailed descriptions of who and when we have taken on transcription projects in recent years.

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Case Study 1: Corporate Biography Hotel Körber

abtipper.de Case Study

The Hotel Körber in Austria has a tradition that goes back more than 100 years. Much of the history and stories of the early days have already been forgotten today. The current owner family Körber has therefore made it their task to accompany the upcoming generation change with a company biography.

For this purpose, family members, former and current employees as well as some other people who were and are connected to the Hotel Koerber were interviewed.

The resulting 15 hours of video material were handed over to abtipper.de for transcription. Thanks to our Austrian experts, we were nevertheless able to transcribe the interview partners, some of whom spoke in a strong dialect, without errors.

Thank you very much for creating the transcripts, despite the Austrian dialect in the best quality and without extra charge. Thanks to you, the history of Hotel Körber will be preserved for future generations.

The Hotel Körber then processed the files with the help of a service provider and used them to create a book on the company's history, which is also studied with great interest by many visitors to the hotel.

Case Study 1: Clinical Trial Diagnosis Breast Cancer

abtipper.de Case Study

The healing process of serious diseases begins at the latest on the day of diagnosis. In earlier times, the facts were given priority in the transmission of these.

The patient is less interested in these technical lectures overflowing with mostly unknown medical terms. However, if the serious diagnosis was breast cancer, then empathy is needed instead of technical vocabulary. In case of doubt, this even leads to negative effects of uncertainty, fear and a perceived helplessness.

One topic of an interdisciplinary project funded by the DFG was therefore to analyse the best possible way of communicating a diagnosis of breast cancer. In several series of interviews, doctors were asked how they usually make the diagnosis of breast cancer and reflected with patients on how this is received by them.

The interviews with doctors and patients transcribed by abtipper have given us novel insights into the large discrepancies between sender and receiver. 

With this feedback, best practices could then be developed for doctors from the interviews for a sensitive yet professionally complete and correct communication of the diagnosis of breast cancer. The results were published in several scientific studies and in a popular science guidebook.

At irregular intervals, we will publish further interesting case studies on the diverse fields of application of abtipper transcriptions.

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