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abtipper.de is the leading German provider for transcribing audio and video recordings.

We have been around for more than 5 years and have already completed more than 20,000 transcription projects.

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We have experience with the transcription of several million minutes. High-volume jobs in tight time frames are our daily business.

For the following Institutions we have recently transcribed:

Our customers write us motivating feedback like this:

"Thank you very much for such a timely delivery! It's really fun to work with you!" (S. Jeon, STERN Editor-in-Chief) 

"Have many thanks for sending us the files. We have reviewed the transcripts and are very satisfied with the quality." (Prof. Dr. Christel Baltes-Löhr, University of Luxembourg) 

Maintaining this level of satisfaction is our aspiration for the future.

We are currently working on projects for

  • 80% of German colleges and universities
  • 7 of the 10 largest German market research companies
  • the leading German media (e.g. Brigitte, BILD, arte, Hessischer Rundfunk) and companies (e.g. Daimler, BMW, Sennheiser, Bahlsen)

Every day, many professors, research assistants, PhD students, students, journalists and market researchers benefit from our services.

"abtipper.de is the most renowned provider in Germany when it comes to transcribing video and audio files, making it perfect for students' bachelor's or master's theses." (Unicum.de)  

We are innovation leaders in the field of transcriptions. Some services we offer as the first and so far only in Germany, e.g.:

  • Immediate transcriptions from a foreign language into English or German, with billing at a fixed price per audio or video minute.
  • High-volume transcriptions through artificial intelligence with manual follow-up control

"So if you want to have something transcribed in very good quality, you should do without the fully automated services of Google and Co. for the time being and resort to manual transcription by a provider like abtipper.de" (Forschung-und-Wissen.de)  

In addition, we have already successfully taken on numerous projects for non-profit organisations , including Save the Children or the FIBS. We offer special conditions on request.

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Typical other projects in the last 12 months were, for example:

  • Transcription of 10 focus group interviews of 120 minutes each as part of a market study for a leading car manufacturer
  • Scientific transcription of 3,000 minutes of guided interviews for DFG research project at the Free University of Berlin
  • Simple transcription of a 120-minute interview on the subject of fashion for the magazine Brigitte
  • Transcription of a series of Arabic interviews with translation into German for Bielefeld University. We received this gratifying feedback for this:

"Many thanks for the successful editing of the transcripts. Someone was also available at all times for queries" (Anna Christina Nowak, Bielefeld University).  

abtipper.de - serious, reliable and even with a guarantee!

We offer every customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you were not satisfied with our work, we will refund the price paid, no ifs, ands or buts. So far, however, our quality has always been so high that no customer has ever wanted to make use of this guarantee!

"abtipper.de is the largest German transcription service and is known to be very reputable and reliable. All transcripts have a very high quality standard" (Bildungsdoc.de). 

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About abtipper.de

Our mission is your relief. You send us your audio files and we take care of the rest.

Typing experienceWe owe our success with a share of almost 80% of regular customers to our very high quality standards and level of professionalism.

We are close to our customers and work for you from our head office in Hanover seven days a week, including weekends and public holidays. We are always available for you and respond quickly and reliably.

We make our low prices possible by specialising in your writing needs. We do nothing else and are therefore particularly good and efficient at what we do!

Our team of more than 2,000 "typists" consists exclusively of qualified professionals with different backgrounds (e.g. studied linguists, experienced foreign language correspondents with typing exams, ...). We have carried out many transcription projects in the last few years and have been able to help many clients a great deal (see, for example, this case study).

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We conduct a strict entrance examination for every new employee. This enables us to ensure a uniformly high level of quality. To the services & prices.

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We are always looking for support from experienced typists. If you are interested, please start the application process at Jobs.

Further questions and answers

✅ Who is abtipper.de?

abtipper.de is the largest German provider of transcription services for audio and video files.

The company's customers currently include:
- 80% of German colleges and universities
- 7 of the 10 largest German market research companies
- the leading German media (e.g. Brigitte, BILD, arte, Hessischer Rundfunk) and companies (e.g. Daimler, BMW, Sennheiser, Bahlsen)

✅ What are the experiences with abtipper.de

About 70% of abtipper.de ' s customers are satisfied regular customers who have had very good experiences and order transcriptions again and again.

You can test the company yourself without any risk. Payment is made by invoice only after delivery. This means that each transcript can first be checked intensively before payment has to be made.

With the Price guarantee guarantee, abtipper.de assures that there is no cheaper provider for the same service.

With the Satisfaction guarantee abtipper.de guarantees that all transcripts with a problem that cannot be solved are not subject to payment.

✅ Is abtipper.de a good and reputable employer?

Currently there are typewriter.com currently has more than 2,000 permanent and freelance employees. abtipper.de is known by them as a fair and serious partner . Respectful treatment, personal contact persons as well as punctual and transparent invoicing and payments are particularly appreciated.

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